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Minimizing Fraud Procedures


Corporate treasury departments need a fraud prevention strategy that not only keeps pace, but is one step ahead of the fraudsters. To be truly effective, systems and processes needs to be able to spot…

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Environment, Social, Governance

Industry Roundup

by Jack Large


EPA’s Whitepaper on Project Financial Crime, Worldline enables UnionPay acceptance in Nordic, Bank Green Pledges

Financial Reporting

ICFR driving financial reporting efficiencies

by Ben Poole

Financial reporting

Beyond regulatory compliance, a KPMG report finds corporates in Abu Dhabi are benefitting from standardised processes and new business models.

Fraud Prevention

Cybersecurity coming of age

by Ben Poole


PwC research finds 96% of executives have shifted their cybersecurity strategy due to COVID-19 and 40% are accelerating digitisation.