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Money Market Fund Investing


A money-market fund (MMF) is an AAA-rated, constant NAV (net asset value) pooled investment that is made up of short-term fixed income instruments that provide same-day access to liquidity for…

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Bank Relations & KYC

How to get an LEI

Finding an LEI Issuing Organizations, Global LEI Index could be your saviour


New euro overnight interest rate by 2020

The European Central Bank has announced it will develop a new euro unsecured overnight interest rate by 2020, which will complement existing benchmark rates

Cash & Liquidity Management

Corporates accumulating more cash than ever

Corporate decision-makers remain cautious and are continuing to hold on to cash reserves rather than investing or deploying cash, according to research done by Global Finance magazine


Problems in parking your cash

The low-rate environment and regulatory pressures are the main themes that emerged from a survey on liquidity investment by JPMorgan AM


Can ETFs improve your currency hedging strategy?

As the exchange-traded fund industry grows, it's gaining interest from corporate treasurers attracted by lower fees, an alternative short-term investment and daily hedging possibilities


Safety or yield? The choice facing US MMF investors

The SEC's rules on floating NAV are set to overhaul the money-market fund industry, which is reportedly worth $2.7 trillion. This is what treasury needs to know about the new rules.