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Money Market Fund Investing


A money-market fund (MMF) is an AAA-rated, constant NAV (net asset value) pooled investment that is made up of short-term fixed income instruments that provide same-day access to liquidity for…

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ETFs to rise above $7 trillion by 2021, report finds

Significant growth in the exchange traded funds market over the next five years is expected to be driven by expansion into new markets, developing distribution channels and asset classes.


US money market reform may spur 50% cash exodus

Moody's Investors Service has warned that up to 50 per cent of investor assets are likely to leave US prime money market funds (MMFs) ahead of major regulatory reforms in October.


MiFID II: the saga continues

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has responded to a letter it received last week from the European Commission on certain aspects of ESMA's draft MiFID II rules.


The pitfalls and opportunities in RMB repo

Repurchase agreements remain a crucial investment option for RMB money market funds. While China's repo markets provide less transparency for investors, there are opportunities nonetheless.


Bond yields tempt corporate issuers to market

Corporates are increasingly looking to corporate bonds to invest surplus liquidity, with almost half of total investment from companies now in corporate bonds.