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Money Market Fund Investing


A money-market fund (MMF) is an AAA-rated, constant NAV (net asset value) pooled investment that is made up of short-term fixed income instruments that provide same-day access to liquidity for…

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Money Market Fund Investing

Identifying & Investing Cash Surpluses

by Lisa Rossi, Deutsche Bank & CTMfile

How to safely, surely and effectively identify and invest cash surpluses


SWIFT adds BIC to LEI Directory to its SWIFTRef Platform

by Kylene Casanova

SWIFT has today announced the release of a new Business Identifier Code (BIC) to Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) directory on its SWIFTRef data platform. The BIC to LEI directory has been created in response to indust


Fitch: US MMF exposure to eurozone banks up again

by Kylene Casanova

Exposure to eurozone banks among US prime money-market funds (MMF) has risen once again. Data released today by Fitch has revealed that by the end of November last year, allocations at financiers based in the econom


US MMF legislation delayed ..... BUT not abandoned

by Kylene Casanova

Effective lobbying by corporates and many suppliers of money market fund products and service suppliers in the US defeated the chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Mary Schapiro, proposals to