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The large majority of the work in a corporate treasury department is administration, transaction processing and non-discretionary decision making. This absorbs most of the time and resources in the…

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Managing a successful spin-off

Divestments are best done quickly but certain strategies should be in place to make sure the separation creates value


“That doesn’t look right”

Full automation still needs experienced FTEs who understand corporate treasury, so can question BOTs, APIs, AI and outsourcing output

Bank Relations & KYC

Treasurers flirt with fintech but place trust in banks

Treasurers and CFOs are increasingly attracted to digital channels and services provided by fintechs – but in a risky economic environment, partner banks still represent reliability and stability

Bank Relations & KYC

Treasury is prime target for cyber-criminals

While most corporate treasurers say their companies are implementing basic security measures, serious gaps in corporate cyber defence remain, according to a report by the EIU