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Order-to-Cash Cycle in WCM


The Order-to-Cash Cycle (O2C) covers all the processes from taking the order through to banking the payment receipt, see figure below. The main working capital management objective in O2C is to…

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash forecasting: A data story

by Nicolas Christiaen, CEO & Founder, Cashforce

In the huge amount of available data, it’s important to distinguish internal from external data

Cash & Liquidity Management

Treasury and payments news roundup

A roundup of news stories from Volante, IFC, Demica, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and CompleXCountries

Working Capital Management

Accounts receivables: Getting the basics right

by Brian Shanahan, Founder & CEO, Informita

Brian Shanahan, CEO and founder of Informita & Termscheck is passionate about why it is essential to get the basics in accounts receivables right before introducing automation.

Payments - Receipts

Seven steps to better accounts receivable

Too many companies treat accounts receivable (AR) as an afterthought but in doing so, they overlook opportunities – establishing an excellent order-to-cash process is essential

Global Cash & Liquidity Management

Is voice activated cash management possible?

All the technologies - artificial intelligence, cloud, APIs to stitch different systems together, integrated P2P solutions, etc., are now available to make this happen

Working Capital Management

Four strategies for better working capital management

Profitability can put processes such as cash conversion in the shade. This article by McKinsey suggests ideas for implementing a working capital improvement programme in a big organisation