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Paying Payroll, Pensions, etc.


The main types of payment to employees are wages and salaries, payment of allowances, and T&E expenses reimbursement. For good employee relations, it is critical make these payments accurately and…

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Payments - Disbursements

Payment challenges for corporate treasurers

by Bija Knowles

Two payments experts discuss the challenges for corporate treasurers and the new technologies that will change the payments game

Payments - Receipts at POS

Making commercial prepaid cards even more useful

by Jack Large

BofA Merrill launches mobile app for commercial prepaid card which makes cardholders’ lives easier through convenient, transparent app

Payments - Receipts

Payment systems - think different

by Jack Large

Deeply understand the transaction process, then its just commonsense to think differently

Cash & Liquidity Management

Two UK payment systems consolidated under New PSO

by Bija Knowles

The operational responsibility for two of the UK's payment systems, Bacs and Faster Payments, has been transferred to the New Payment System Operator