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Paying Payroll, Pensions, etc.


The main types of payment to employees are wages and salaries, payment of allowances, and T&E expenses reimbursement. For good employee relations, it is critical make these payments accurately and…

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Payments - Receipts at POS

New financial standards for DLT, Internet of Things

by Kylene Casanova

With SIBOS taking place next week in Geneva, here is a look at the current state of international financial messaging standards and their future applications.

Payments - Disbursements

Why payroll - and lunch - may soon be paid with bitcoin

by Kylene Casanova

Is bitcoin the future of payroll? As the virtual currency becomes more liquid and gains popularity in consumer payments, this possibility becomes increasingly likely.

Payments - Receipts

Four priorities for improving payments in the UK

by Kylene Casanova

Payments UK has published its initial report on its World Class Payments project, setting out its vision of the enhancements that would ensure corporates have access to world class payment services.

Payments - Disbursements

Be careful with Payroll Cards

by Kylene Casanova

Low paid employees don't always like Payroll Cards because they can cost them big time, e.g. in the US costs can be as high as $0.50 for a balance inquiry (which low paid employees tend to use