SWIFT gpi for corporates

by Christof Hofmann, Global Head of Payments and Collections, Deutsche Bank

Christof Hofmann, global head of payments & collection products, Deutsche Bank explains what is happening & how corporates can exploit

Collecting Payments on the Internet

Payment is a product, a journey through data

Dan Marovitz, VP Global Payments, Booking.com, world's largest online travel site, on key drivers & structures in e-commerce payments

Working Capital Management

Accounts receivables: Getting the basics right

by Brian Shanahan, Founder & CEO, Informita

Brian Shanahan, CEO and founder of Informita & Termscheck is passionate about why it is essential to get the basics in accounts receivables right before introducing automation.


Debt compliance: How to make it easy to manage

Paul Stheeman, CEO of Stheeman Treasury Solutions, and Tom Jack, former senior treasury director Mondelez, share their experiences and insights on debt compliance

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Four cornerstones for a reliable cashflow forecast

by Nicolas Christiaen, CEO & Founder, Cashforce

Nicolas Christian, CEO at Cashforce, contrasts the functionality of dedicated cash flow forecasting platforms such as Cashforce's with the approach of a classic TMS in producing reliable cash flow forecasts.

Treasury Technology

Future of TMS implementations: by 2019 will take two days

by Tom Leitch, Chief Operating Officer, TreasuryXpress

Tom Leitch, COO, TreasuryXpress reviews standard implementation methods and how they are being replaced by modern models which now install TMS solutions in two weeks, and, by 2019, will take two days.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Realities of Cash Forecasting - a consultant’s view (Re-recording)

by Rod Staples, Cash Forecast Architect and Trainer, Staples Consultancy

Rod Staples, Cash Forecast Specialist, Staples Consultancy presents his consultants view that cash flow forecasting must start with developing inclusive and complementary cash forecasting objectives

Treasury Technology

The modernization of treasury management solutions

by Tom Leitch, Chief Operating Officer, TreasuryXpress

Tom Leitch explains how treasury needs latest technology to reduce costs and cut implementation times dramatically

Is Bitcoin a bubble?

by Haydn Jones, Founder, Blockchain Hub

In 2017 the price of bitcoin boomed, but is it a bubble? Will the price decline as rapidly as it exploded this year? Haydn Jones examines what is likely in the future

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Automating cash flow forecast data collection and consolidation

by Nicolas Christiaen, CEO & Founder, Cashforce

Automating the collection and consolidation of cash flow forecasting data is the first AND VITAL stage in developing an accurate and auditable forecast for your organisation

Environment, Social, Governance

How sustainability programmes deliver

Sustainability is vital for company and global community survival, yet many don’t really commit. Learn how Pearson’s holistic sustainability programme and framework delivers commercially world-wide.

How can corporate treasurers use cryptocurrencies?

by Haydn Jones, Founder, Blockchain Hub

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, offer some of the biggest opportunities for the corporate treasurer to transform their business BUT… Learn how to get the best of both the fiat and crypto worlds