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Procure-to-Pay Cycle in WCM


The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cycle covers all processes from producing the Request For Proposal in procurement through invoice presentment and processing , to invoice discounting, to payment and…

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Working Capital Management

How to manage working capital through an economic downturn

by Giles Newell , Treasury Advisory Executive, Bank of America
by Bruce Meuli , Treasury Advisory Executive, Bank of America

Working Capital

Checklist on how to optimise your Total Working Capital management

Inventory Cycle in WCM

Working capital performance: New solutions to new problems

by Chris Seaman , Global Head of Sales, Benteler Trading International


Can a fresh approach to WCM help corporate treasury shore up balance sheets amid ongoing political and economic uncertainty?

Inventory Cycle in WCM

$460bn liquidity just waiting to be freed up

by Jack Large


J.P. Morgan Working Capital Index identifies huge amounts of liquidity if only corporates could get their working capital act together

Cash Flow Forecasting

Vital ideas for improving forecast accuracy

by Jack Large

Logility Report shows show to handle the dynamics and complexity of cash flow forecasting across multiple supply chains

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash forecasting: A data story

by Nicolas Christiaen , CEO & Founder, Cashforce

In the huge amount of available data, it’s important to distinguish internal from external data

Working Capital Management

When will business ever take WCM seriously?

by Jack Large

Latest PwC annual global Working Capital Study shows businesses are not “Unlocking cash” and lists HOW TO RELEASE YOUR CASH

Cash & Liquidity Management

Treasury and payments news roundup

by Kylene Casanova

A roundup of news stories from Volante, IFC, Demica, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and CompleXCountries