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Procure-to-Pay Cycle in WCM


The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cycle covers all processes from producing the Request For Proposal in procurement through invoice presentment and processing , to invoice discounting, to payment and…

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Inventory Cycle in WCM

Working capital performance: New solutions to new problems

by Chris Seaman, Global Head of Sales, Benteler Trading International


Can a fresh approach to WCM help corporate treasury shore up balance sheets amid ongoing political and economic uncertainty?

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash forecasting: A data story

by Nicolas Christiaen, CEO & Founder, Cashforce

In the huge amount of available data, it’s important to distinguish internal from external data

Cash & Liquidity Management

Treasury and payments news roundup

A roundup of news stories from Volante, IFC, Demica, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and CompleXCountries