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% Rate Hedging & Risk Management


Most businesses are exposed to interest rate risks from their operating cash flows, their financing and their investments. Businesses with variable interest rate investments face the possibility of…

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Risk Management

Prepare now for end of Eonia and Euribor

by Bija Knowles

A report from Oliver Wyman says start preparing now for the transition away from Eonia and Euribor or face increased costs and risks


Wish-list for an integrated risk ecosystem

by Bija Knowles

Risk and compliance executives expect real benefits from digital technology but many firms face challenges in moving towards the future, according to a report by Celent and Thomson Reuters

Risk Management

Volatility is back and is healthy – BIS

by Bija Knowles

Stock market volatility has increased since February, ending a long period of unusual calm and highlighting how central banks face a difficult task in normalising policies, says the BIS

Dealing & Trading

What’s the future of e-trading?

by Bija Knowles

JP Morgan asked more than 400 institutional traders (mainly FX, rates and commodities) about the biggest e-trading trends for 2018, from mobile trading and MiFID II to precision execution

Risk Management

Corporate perception of business risks shift in 2018

by Bija Knowles

Disruptive innovation, digitalisation, organisational resistance to change, cyber threats and corporate culture are some of the top risks that large companies need to address in 2018