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Regular Bill Payments from Businesses


The first requirement in collecting bill payments from businesses is to provide an invoice (often legally required) that gives full and easy to understand information on what the bill is for, so that…

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Payments - Receipts at POS

Making commercial prepaid cards even more useful

by Jack Large

BofA Merrill launches mobile app for commercial prepaid card which makes cardholders’ lives easier through convenient, transparent app

Collecting Payments on the Internet

Payment is a product, a journey through data

by Jack Large

Dan Marovitz, VP Global Payments, Booking.com, world's largest online travel site, on key drivers & structures in e-commerce payments

Payments - Receipts

Where are the best and worst countries to collect a debt?

by Bija Knowles

No company wants to recover debt – but if you're in that predicament, which countries make collecting due payments a complex process? A report by Euler Hermes sheds some light