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Releasing Trapped Cash


Trapped cash is money that cannot be moved cross-border for a period due to regulatory, tax or business process constraints. These restrictions mainly apply in the emerging markets. The in-country…

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Release your working capital and treasury potential

by Gerry Daly, Head of Sales, UK & Ireland, Cashforce


Enhance your whole organisation: harness your data; employ accurate AI based cash flow forecasting; use fast and nimble onboarding

Releasing Trapped Cash

Blockchain technology is thriving

Block chain / Distributed Ledger Technology is being used all over: high value payments; prevention of counterfeiting; smart contracts;

Releasing Trapped Cash

How Unilever unlocks trapped cash worldwide

Unilever’s Silke Reimers shows how releasing trapped cash worldwide takes persistence, patience and constant attention over long term

Cash & Liquidity Management

5 economic trends to watch unfold in 2018

Trade policies are a major source of concern for global corporate executives. Here are five take-aways from the results of McKinsey's Economic Conditions Snapshot survey 2018

Cash & Liquidity Management

US corporates aim for cash repatriation in Q2

Repatriation of cash to the US is back on the agenda for CFOs and treasurers, with 63 per cent planning to repatriate cash in 2018. TMS upgrades and short-term cash investment also a priority

Cash & Liquidity Management

$1.5 trillion excess cash held offshore by US corporates

US corporates are holding huge amounts of cash offshore in non-US overseas subsidiaries, to avoid paying the 35 per cent US corporate tax rate. How can the Fed tempt companies to repatriate?

Cash & Liquidity Management

Boosting cash management in a decentralised company

Centralisation isn't ideal for all companies and yet, decentralised companies can be at a disadvantage compared to their centralised peers, in terms of cash management and margins