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Shared Service Centre Operations


A Shared Service Center (SSC) is the consolidation of one or more back-office operations used by multiple divisions of the same company - such as finance, information technology, customer service and…

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Best Practices & Benchmarking

Workforce of the future

by Jack Large


Key skills and competencies for the treasurer of the future and what to look for in new hires


Is treasury destined to be outsourced in future?

by Kylene Casanova

One former corporate treasurer with a strong background working in IT believes that technology is strategically changing how treasury departments work. Is the end game total outsourcing?

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Tech & market trends changing how corporates use SSCs

by Kylene Casanova

The way companies are using shared service centres is changing rapidly, influenced by technology and a changing marketplace, according to a survey by Deloitte

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

5 ways to prepare for treasury change

by Kylene Casanova

If your treasury is thinking about taking on a transformational project, what are some of the key factors to consider before you even begin?