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Spreadsheets in Treasury Management


Spreadsheets are incredibly useful and a natural part of the way most finance and corporate treasury departments operate, but the flexibility that makes them so useful can also be very dangerous.…

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Regulation & Tax

Industry roundup: 17 February

by Graham Buck


ESMA aims to bolster MMFs; PBoC claims digital yuan success; Survey finds spreadsheets still prevalent; LPA, Globalance partner on ESG reporting

Selecting & Implementing TM Systems

How to evaluate TMS solutions

by Ken Lillie , Founder, Lillie Associates


Which approach are you comfortable with?

Bank Relations & KYC

Treasurers flirt with fintech but place trust in banks

by Bija Knowles

Treasurers and CFOs are increasingly attracted to digital channels and services provided by fintechs – but in a risky economic environment, partner banks still represent reliability and stability

Treasury Technology

The pros and cons of spreadsheets v TMS

by Bija Knowles

It's estimated that about half of all mid-size companies currently use spreadsheets for treasury management activities but it's also predicted that this figure will dip to 45 per cent in the next two years

Treasury Technology

2 in 3 CFOs satisfied with outcome of automation

by Bija Knowles

Automation is set to bring more efficiencies to treasury: CFOs this year will prioritise the three key areas of visual analytics reporting, upgrading technology and developing professional skills

Cash & Liquidity Management

Transitional period for Brexit should reassure businesses

by Bija Knowles

The UK prime minister's speech in Florence on Friday was meant to clarify Britain's negotiating goals for its departure from the EU and reboot the Brexit talks – were businesses reassured?

Treasury Technology

Ten steps to TMS success

by Kylene Casanova

For those looking to move away from spreadsheets, here are ten steps to TMS success from Treasury Today

Treasury Technology

Today’s treasury management systems market

by Kylene Casanova

WEB chat interview with Visual Risk’s Paul Nailand and Gary Starling on the dynamics, key differentiators, and the future developments of TMS

Treasury Technology

Trintech’s XLNet spreadsheet solution

by Kylene Casanova

Trintech's XLNET Spreadsheet Management Software controls all the key spreadsheets in a company including cell-by-cell auditing, reporting on key risk indicators