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Sustainable Cash & Liquidity Management

Environment, Social, Governance

Industry roundup: 5 April

by Graham Buck


US Treasury tightens Russia squeeze; EU raises €6bn from second green bond; China’s RMB cross-border payments rise; UK plans crypto NFT

Cash & Liquidity Management

Industry roundup: 24 February

by Graham Buck


McKinsey upbeat on mining sector; Botswana to end cheque use; Few escape supply chain disruption; Islamic finance 'helping sustainability aims'

Regulation & Tax

Industry roundup: 17 February

by Graham Buck


ESMA aims to bolster MMFs; PBoC claims digital yuan success; Survey finds spreadsheets still prevalent; LPA, Globalance partner on ESG reporting

Environment, Social, Governance

Venture capital “catching up on ESG issues”

by Graham Buck

ESG graphic

Traditionally slow in considering environmental, social and governance aspects, venture capital firms have started to push for the adoption of ESG

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Industry roundup: 10 November

by CTMfile


PNC Treasury Management launches AI/ML cash forecasting application, Bank of England and HMT announced next steps to explore UK CBDC, MAS announces Sa

Environment, Social, Governance

Green deposits sprouting in the US

by Ben Poole


MUFG Union Bank has launched green deposits for its corporate clients in America.

Social Responsibility

This is what is driving Citi

by Jack Large

Digital world concept

Digitisation, combined with building business resilience AND SUSTAINABLITY