How to prepare a paper for a board presentation

by Janine Miller, Technical Writer, EssayPro


Giving a board presentation can be a turning point in your career. However, it can also become a real disaster if you don’t prepare ...

Best Practices & Benchmarking

Making project management more effective

by Nicholas Franck, Corporate Treasury and Banking Professional ,


New thinking in the age of constrained resources

Treasury Technology

Treasury systems in a cost-conscious treasury

by Ken Lillie, Founder, Lillie Associates


How to increase the efficiency of existing processes that may obviate the need for new and/or replacement systems

Crypto currencies

Cryptocurrency: A Primer


Cryptocurrency. For the uninitiated to understand what is going on

Buying & Selling FX

% FX hedged no longer cuts it


Bloomberg new service shows strategic approach to FX risk management required balancing currency earnings-at-risk v. cash-flow-at-risk

Selecting & Implementing TM Systems

How to evaluate TMS solutions

by Ken Lillie, Founder, Lillie Associates


Which approach are you comfortable with?