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Total Working Capital


Total Working Capital Management is the optimization of every aspect of every process, every system and every structure across the entire supply chain, as the figure below shows. Total Working…

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Cash & Liquidity Management

CFOs focus on reducing operational costs

Chief financial officers are faced with expanding responsibilities when it comes to driving corporate growth – but taking cost out of the business is an overall priority


Don’t destroy company value by cutting costs

While increasing profit margins can relieve short-term cash flow difficulties and appease shareholders, it's not necessarily the way to grow a healthy organisation

Working Capital Management

Four strategies for better working capital management

Profitability can put processes such as cash conversion in the shade. This article by McKinsey suggests ideas for implementing a working capital improvement programme in a big organisation

Working Capital Management

Five key steps to optimise your working capital

GrantThornton WCM study shows only 3% of companies improved their cash-to-cash cycle in 2017 and that £8.8bn net can be released from UK companies balance sheets

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Cash Forecast basics – getting the foundations right

by Rod Staples, Cash Forecast Architect and Trainer, Staples Consultancy

A robust and effective cash forecast is a vital tool for any business – so make sure you build it on the right foundations

Cash & Liquidity Management

Corporates accumulating more cash than ever

Corporate decision-makers remain cautious and are continuing to hold on to cash reserves rather than investing or deploying cash, according to research done by Global Finance magazine

Total Working Capital

Four ways zero-based budgeting could drive growth

Zero-based budgeting has potential for unlocking 'tremendous shareholder value' and yet many companies haven't embraced this budgeting methodology. Here are four reasons why they should

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

5 ways to avoid a cash flow crisis

Your company's ability to operate normally can be severely hampered if cash flows dry up – here are some ideas on how to avoid this happening and what to do if it actually does

Payments - Disbursements

Would you pay suppliers late to keep shareholders happy?

Should you pay suppliers late to keep your shareholders happy? It seems many 'top performing' companies are putting shareholders before their supply chain. But that is a terrible mistake

Order-to-Cash Cycle in WCM

Default risk versus late payment risk

by Brian Shanahan, Founder & CEO, Informita

How to have effective credit risk procedures AND good collection processes

Working Capital Management

Avoid the cash trap of neglecting working capital

Many companies in need of extra cash spend time and resources on improving their working capital management processes. How can they maintain their working capital goals across the organisation?

Working Capital Management

Sustaining Working Capital Success

by Brian Shanahan, Founder & CEO, Informita

Why very few companies sustain the success of their working capital programmes

Working Capital Management

2016 Review - June

Total working capital management; Plug and play connection to Ripple’s real-time settlement cross border payments; Britain files for divorce from EU; How to avoid using SWIFT altogether and/or in with…..