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Treasury Systems Connectivity


All general cash and treasury management systems provide communications functionality or modules to receive and send data both internally and externally. The functionality ranges from simple…

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Bank of America spreading APIness

by Ben Poole


New API support revealed this week allow the bank's clients to trade and settle FX payments and enhance real-time treasury management.

Treasury Technology

ION adds machine learning to TMS

by Ben Poole


The cash forecasting solution is available in the latest versions of ITS and Reval.

Electronic Banking Connectivity

SWIFT for Corporates debunked

by Jack Large

Deloitte study shows the real value and cost of connecting to your banks via a single window

Payments - Receipts

The Basics of Artificial Intelligence

by Jack Large

Artificial Intelligence gets a vary varied press, listen to one expert’s view on how AI works and what doesn’t, and where is it going

Bank Relations & KYC

Legacy IT is major challenge for corporate B2B data sharing

by Bija Knowles

Internal organisational complexity, supplier networks and legacy IT systems are some of the major challenges facing corporates in their quest to manage B2B data sharing, says an EBA white paper