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Treasury Technology


There are five basic activities in every corporate treasury department: processing and administration, transaction execution, decision making, strategic business initiatives and setting corporate…

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Treasury Technology

5 technologies transforming corporate treasury

by Pushpendra Mehta , Executive Writer, CTMfile


The ecosystem of modern technologies is helping corporate treasury confront challenges and seize opportunities.

Risk Management

Industry roundup: 21 April

by Graham Buck


Fitch outlines China challenges; Euro firms gain from commodity hedges; SG seeks start-ups to accelerate; Citi recycles for corporate cards

Bank Relations & KYC

Industry roundup: 13 April

by CTMfile

News business man

US CBDC making progress, embedded financing to SMEs, crypto in Philippine market, Australia and Singapore fintech, wearable payment device.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Industry roundup: 7 April

by Graham Buck


Ukraine war to crimp global growth; IOSCO reviews corporate bonds risk; Intel completes Russia exit; BNP Paribas' green ETF


Industry roundup: 1 April

by CTMfile

Industry roundup business meeting

Citi launched 2022’s Digital Money Index, FDIC guidance on climate risk, BIS Innovation Hub and MA prototype supervisory analytics platform...