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Urgent/Instant .Payments


There are times when a local or cross-border payment just needs making today, now. This can be because a payment needs to be cleared and settled at a specific date and time, e.g. for a…

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Payments - Disbursements

Industry roundup: 19 April

by Graham Buck


India’s payment industry trends; RBI assesses Indian economy; Brazil ready to pilot CBDC; War increases commodity trade exposures

Environment, Social, Governance

Industry roundup: 12 April

by Graham Buck


Banks aim to decarbonise aviation; Nokia joins Russia exodus; EBF rebuffs EU plans for clearing market; Sri Lanka seeks US$3bn rescue

Bank Relations & KYC

Industry roundup: 23 March

by CTMfile

News business man

Cross-border CBDC platform interoperability, RippleNet - potential alternative to CBDC, Mastercard connects banks to BNPL, Biometric tech and fraud

Interest rate

Industry roundup: 22 March

by Graham Buck


Transition from Libor progressing; Bank majors form syndicated loan platform; ClearBank raises £175m for expansion; Euroclear takes stake in Fnality

Risk Management

Industry roundup: 10 March

by Graham Buck


Airlines’ hedging offsets oil price spike; US corporates’ Russia exposure assessed; London-listed Russian companies; Biden authorises crypto review

Fraud Prevention

Industry roundup: 04 March

by CTMfile

Generic corporate business people

new cybersecurity law, US using countering crypto to avoid Russia sanctions, Ripple's crypto payments, EMQ cross-border payments in South Asia.