Bank Relations & KYC

A path to KYC automation

by Jack Large

Listen to Bloomberg's Dan Matthies explain their path to automating the whole KYC process

Cash & Liquidity Management

Demystifying virtual accounts

by Dirk Kronshage , Global Head, Collection Products, Deutsche Bank

Dirk Kronshage, Global Head of Collections, Cash Products, Deutsche Bank explains what they are and when and where to use them


Using AI: Managing Credit Risk

by Jack Large

Learn about how use of extra data can add new dimensions and effectiveness to solving how to manage credit risk

Payments - Receipts

The Basics of Artificial Intelligence

by Jack Large

Artificial Intelligence gets a vary varied press, listen to one expert’s view on how AI works and what doesn’t, and where is it going

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Smart cash flow forecasting made easy

by Jack Large

TIPCO describe how their cash flow forecasting solution allows corporates to focus on the fun part

Working Capital Management

Procurement: Get basics right then automate

by Jack Large

Procurement should be strategic and not just about buying at the lowest price, says Brian Shanahan, CEO and founder of Informita


SWIFT gpi for corporates

by Christof Hofmann , Global Head of Payments and Collections, Deutsche Bank

Christof Hofmann, global head of payments & collection products, Deutsche Bank explains what is happening & how corporates can exploit

Collecting Payments on the Internet

Payment is a product, a journey through data

by Jack Large

Dan Marovitz, VP Global Payments, Booking.com, world's largest online travel site, on key drivers & structures in e-commerce payments

Working Capital Management

Accounts receivables: Getting the basics right

by Brian Shanahan, Founder & CEO , Informita

Brian Shanahan, CEO and founder of Informita & Termscheck is passionate about why it is essential to get the basics in accounts receivables right before introducing automation.


Debt compliance: How to make it easy to manage

by Jack Large

Paul Stheeman, CEO of Stheeman Treasury Solutions, and Tom Jack, former senior treasury director Mondelez, share their experiences and insights on debt compliance

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

Four cornerstones for a reliable cashflow forecast

by Nicolas Christiaen , CEO & Founder, Cashforce

Nicolas Christian, CEO at Cashforce, contrasts the functionality of dedicated cash flow forecasting platforms such as Cashforce's with the approach of a classic TMS in producing reliable cash flow forecasts.