Best Practices & Benchmarking

Digitizing treasury workflows with TIP


Bring all the different systems, data and connections together in one system AND provide full audit trail for each transaction, account

Global Cash & Liquidity Management

Getting real about Virtual Accounts


Deutsche Bank’s Dirk Kronshage gives detailed practical advice on how to implement virtual accounts structures & the vital questions

Best Practices & Benchmarking

Workforce of the future


Key skills and competencies for the treasurer of the future and what to look for in new hires

Best Practices & Benchmarking

The Treasury digitization journey

by Bas Rebel, Senior Director, PwC Corporate Treasury Solutions, Canada


How to overcome roadblocks to move to a new technology ecosystem

Bank Relations & KYC

A path to KYC automation

Listen to Bloomberg's Dan Matthies explain their path to automating the whole KYC process

Cash & Liquidity Management

Demystifying virtual accounts

by Dirk Kronshage, Global Head, Collection Products, Deutsche Bank

Dirk Kronshage, Global Head of Collections, Cash Products, Deutsche Bank explains what they are and when and where to use them


Using AI: Managing Credit Risk

Learn about how use of extra data can add new dimensions and effectiveness to solving how to manage credit risk