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10 things you need to know to manage working capital effectively

Brian Shanahan's 'The Working Capital Handbook' weaves working capital management stories from his many years in the business into his answers to following questions:

  1. Why does working capital matter?
  2. What are the right measures?
  3. What's the difference between being efficient and being effective?
  4. What are the right terms to offer my customers?
  5. What is the best way to collect my receivables?
  6. What are the right terms to offer my suppliers?
  7. Why I should pay on time?
  8. What is the right inventory service to provide to customers?
  9. How do I optimise inventories?
  10. What will it feel like to be really good?

Brian has just set up his own consulting company 'Informita' to deliver, as he puts it: 'a cost-effective WCM service that companies are looking for.'

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