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90% say blockchain will significantly impact EU payments by 2025 – EPC poll

The European Payments Council (EPC) has published the results of its poll on blockchain technology, showing that 90 per cent think blockchain will have a significant impact on payments by 2025.

The poll found that only 10 per cent of respondents said that blockchain would have “no significant impact”.

Those who think blockchain technology will have a significant impact on European payments by 2025 chose the following scenarios:

  • 36 per cent: 'impact in some niches or aspects of the payments activity (blockchain technology is adopted for specific purposes)'
  • 30 per cent: 'emergence of innovative customer payment solutions based on blockchain (the technology spreads significantly like several other major ones)'
  • 24 per cent: 'impact on the overall infrastructure underlying the payments mass market (the blockchain becomes the main pillar in the technological paradigm shift)'

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