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‘A guide to trade finance’ and why documentary credits are still around

Key timing points
1:04 Report background
2:10 Why documentary credits are still around
5:06 Digitalisation
5:40 - impact of COVID-19
6:17 - importance of government rules and regula
6:40 - platform connectivity and new rules
8:18 - likely rate of adoption of new government regulations
9:33 - use of digital signatures and changing business models
12:00 Key takeaways
12:17 - who reads report and how used
14:59 - what next in documentary credits.

The WEBchat covers:

1.            The report (see)  background 

2.            The reasons why doc credits are still around

3.            How doc credits are being digitalised

4.            The future of doc credits.

Deutsche Bank's ‘A guide to trade finance’ has become THE report to read and consult on trade finance, and this WEBchat shows how documentary credits are going to be used for many years to come.

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