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ACT/Kyriba survey reveals core priorities of ACT Members for the next year: the bigger the company t

During March and April 2013, Kyriba, in conjunction with the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) conducted an online survey of treasury and finance professionals, all members of the Association.

Respondents were asked to state their top three priorities for the coming 12 months. While there were some commonalities among all companies, there were a number of marked trends between larger and smaller organisations. Among respondents as a whole, by far the number one priority is cash and liquidity management, cited by 65 per cent. However, among the largest (£10+ billion revenues) companies, cash management was a relatively distant second to risk management, which was number one for 40 per cent of respondents (although that number jumps to almost 50 per cent for £10 billion+ revenue companies, compared to just over 30 per cent for sub-£100 million revenue companies). With increasing company size, the focus on regulatory compliance also increased steadily, from 15 per cent for the smallest (under £100 million revenues) up to 27 per cent for the very largest (£10+ billion revenues) companies.

Biggest priorities for the next 12 months

Source & Copyright © Kyriba Corporation / Association of Corporate Treasurers, 2013

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