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Afinis adds testing capabilities to help payment API standardisation

Nacha’s Afinis Interoperability Standards membership organisation has announced it has partnered with XMLdation to enable its stakeholders to leverage the Finland-based company’s testing capabilities within Afinis’ developer portal.

Afinis focuses on the rapid delivery of APIs and other financial services standards across the US and globally, using innovative and agile processes. The group’s developer portal at contains its API standards, and now includes the capability for immediate testing, which is powered by XMLdation.

Afinis brings diverse collaborators together to build and test solutions, develop implementable and portable standards, and provide thought leadership on the shared goals of advancing efficiency, surety and security, and interoperability for financial services. The group and its members work to not only identify and bring to market the APIs the industry needs to streamline processes and support innovation, but also to encourage and support adoption of standardised APIs to ensure the industry can reap their full benefits.

“One of the key measures of a successful standard is adoption in the industry, and Afinis wants developers in the industry to get a firsthand look at how Afinis APIs are defined to facilitate and speed up adoption,” said George Throckmorton, executive director of Afinis Interoperability Standards. “Our partnership with XMLdation enables stakeholders to review Afinis API standard documentation, and gives them a tool to easily learn how the APIs should behave in real life. This will speed up the work of any developer looking to implement these kinds of APIs.”

“In defining standards and getting them adopted by the industry, collaboration is essential,” said Jarkko Leppälahti, CEO of XMLdation. “Afinis has placed a huge emphasis on making the standards not only readable, but actionable. This enables banks in the US to implement uniform payments APIs. This, in turn, will facilitate banks, fintechs and other enterprises to use standardised Afinis APIs in an easier manner, resulting in cost savings and better customer experience for payments. We at XMLdation have been very impressed by the approach Afinis has taken in their standardisation effort. Not only do they leverage the most up-to-date technology approaches to make it easy for its members to adopt the standard, they also work hard to align their work with the key international standardisation effort in payments, ISO 20022. After all, payments is a global industry.”

Afinis membership is open to all organisations interested in the development of API standardisation, regardless of size, type or location. Presently, member organisations are furthering work on advancing use of recently released API use cases and those set for release in the near term.

Afinis is a membership-based governance organisation supported by Nacha that brings together diverse collaborators - through innovative and agile processes - to develop implementable, interoperable, and portable financial services standards across operating environments and platforms.


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