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AFP treasury management systems 2017 review

This year’s AFP Guide to Treasury Management Systems tabulates the functionality -  • Yes, - No, ◊ Some - in the following areas:

  • Foreign exchange 
  • Debt interest rate products
  • Derivatives
  • Electronic dealing
  • Balance and transaction management
  • Reconciliation
  • Forecasting
  • Confirmations
  • Payments
  • Accounting
  • Reporting 
  • Security
  • Risk

And then for each supplier:

  • The target company size: Small (US$500m or below), Medium )US$500m-1bn), Larger (greater than US$1bn)
  • Implementation: how TMS implemented? No. Of operating companies or subsidiaries have implemented your TMS? And number in last 12 months

TMS listed

TMS suppliers listed in the table and covered by a page description in the report are:

  • Axletree Solutions: Treasurytree
  • BELLIN: tm5
  • Bloomberg: TRM
  • Chatham Financial: ChathamDirect
  • Fides Treasury Services: Fides Multibanking Solutions
  • Financial Sciences: ATOM
  • GTreasury: GTreasury
  • Hanse Orga: FS2
  • ION Treasury: WallStreet Suite, Reval, IT2, City Financial, Treasura
  • Kyriba: Kyriba
  • OpenLink: Findur
  • TreasuryXpress: C2Treasury.

CTMfile take: To keep track of the available TMS solutions readers need to also consult the Bob's Guide/gtnews Guide to Treasury Management Systems which contains details of over 40 systems, although there is some overlap with the AFP study. 

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