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Analysing Bank Statements in USA: 1. ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’ and 2. what to do abou

The standout presentation by Dan Gill - Director of Corporate Solutions, The Weiland Financial Group, Open Solutions, Inc. - entitled 'Deciphering the new account analysis statement' at AFP's Annual Conference in Boston was full of clear analysis and sound advice.

His overall conclusion from the review of the current bank market in the US was 'There is no such thing as a free lunch', and offered the following advice:

  • keep in mind that paying hard interest on your balances is a new cost to your banks
  • keep in mind that FDIC coverage is adding more cost to your banks
  • keep in mind that there is now less transparency in FDIC fees
  • remember the dip that banks have already experienced in overall bank fees
  • bank fees will GO UP
  • interest rates will GO UP
  • pay attention to your bank fees now to reap the best possible benefit.

Interest is on DDAs in USA is available now. Dan believes that it is a game changer. Companies need to evaluate and model their entire cash operation based on % bearing DDAs, he posed these questions:

  • can you leave more balances in DDA?
  • could you simplify your concentration schemes?
  • could you reduce or eliminate investment sweeps?
  • do you need controlled disbursement?

Sound, practical advice from The Weiland Group, as usual.

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