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Ant Financial = future of finance and banking?

Chris Skinner has just chaired the Ant Technology Exploration Conference: New Technology - Bringing the world equal opportunities session at the MoneyAsia conference. In his blog describing the event he included a copy of the Ant staff’s presentations. We’ve picked out a few aspects from these presentations to show the scale and depth of Ant Financial’s strategy and technology platforms. Remember Ant Financial already run the world’s largest money market fund and they have highest number of live block chain applications anywhere.  

Bringing the world equal opportunities

The first presentation was by Cheng Li’s, Ant Financial’s Chief Technology Officer on Bringing the world equal opportunities - Building an Open Techfin Platform in which he explained how they are reshaping payment services (Slides: Source & Copyright©2018 - Ant Financial):

This included launching their money market fund, and provision of consumer credit. They are now working on ‘Smile to Pay’ systems, and how they can reshape micro-loan services.

Reshaping the power of digital technologies and the challenges

The most impressive aspects of the Ant Financial strategy is how 1) it is integrated and covers all aspects of the digital revolution, see slide below:

And 2) how they understand the key challenges:

Collaboration and openness

A key part of Ant Financial’s strategy is to empower partners with their technologies:

And with their partners they really are going global:

This slide really sums up the global Ant Financial strategy.

(The full set of slides are here including the decks on AI and block chain.)

CTMfile take: There is no doubt that with their integrated strategies and un-matched technologies Ant Financial will become the world’s biggest bank and network. Are you partnering with Ant Financial yet? Even if you won’t ever, how are you going to integrate Ant Financial and their services into your cash and treasury management solutions?

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