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Are treasury applications from SAP winning?

Marco Schuchmann, AkzoNobel's Manager Payment Factory & Operations, in his excellent presentation at the Eurofinance Conference in Rome, entitled 'What does streamlined cash management mean?' showed a slide of their state-of-the-art STP model Treasury System Architecture - see below - which raises the question: 'Have the treasury applications from SAP become robust, comprehensive and sophisticated enough for the dedicated treasury management systems to be no longer needed?'

AkzoNobel Treasury Systems Architecture

Source and Copyright©2011: AkzoNobel

In the specialist areas such risk management and hedging SAP do not really compete. Although all the Cash & Treasury Management Systems have neat features, in the basic functionality of cash flow management, payment factory management, and cash and liquidity management SAP is often good enough. The TMS suppliers are definitely vulnerable, which is why they are all investing in new and advanced functionality and ease of use to stay ahead of SAP.

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