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Article series: Asking the right questions to enhance various corporate treasury activities

The ability to ask the right questions has become a key leadership skill in corporate treasury that also helps boost decision-making.

This article series on CTMfile explores critical questions corporate treasurers should consider to optimise various treasury activities. Each article delves into a specific area of cash and treasury management, including:

  1. Cash Forecasting: Questions to improve cash forecasting proficiency and precision.

  2. Cash Concentration: Queries for efficient cash pooling and management.

  3. Bank Relationship Management (BRM): Strategic questioning to strengthen BRM practices.

  4. Bank Account Management (BAM): Pertinent questions to evaluate and augment BAM practices.

  5. Risk Management: Principal considerations for fostering a more comprehensive approach to risk management.

Explore these articles to move from one mode of enquiry to another, unearthing insights that you might otherwise have missed and discovering discerning information that can be turned into actionable insights to drive growth and profitability.


  1. 10 pivotal questions for corporate treasury to improve cash forecasting practices

  2. 10 crucial queries for enhancing corporate treasury’s cash concentration practices

  3. 10 key questions to strengthen corporate treasury-banking relationships

  4. Steering bank account management: 10 vital queries for corporate treasury

  5. Asking the right treasury questions: top 10 risk management questions

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