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Artificial Intelligence driving the ‘next generation’ of jobs in the UK and globally

A new report by global recruiter Robert Walters and market analysis experts Vacancy Soft, – Harnessing the Power of AI: The Demand for Future Skills  - showed that the uptake of artificial intelligence by industry will drastically change the global job market in the coming years – with 133 million new jobs expected to be created globally. But there will be job losses, e.g. in the UK, according to British Academy research, around 10–30% of jobs in the UK are highly automatable – and therefore at risk to ‘change’ as a result of the emergence of AI (1).

Industries Investing in AI

The report found that the top industries investing were:I

  1. Agriculture
  2. Business Support 
  3. Customer Experience 
  4. Energy 
  5. Healthcare 
  6. Intellectual Property 
  7. IT Service Management 
  8. Manufacturing 
  9. Technical Support 
  10. Retail 
  11. Software Development 

And that there will be a sustained AI job boom demand.


The report highlights the amount of opportunity that will be created in the UK job market as a result of the uptake of AI, but also points out that this will mostly be at the top and bottom 20% - meaning mid-tier workers are at risk. 

Key takeaway

AI is triggering massive shake-ups in recruitment - with a displacement of mid-skilled talent coupled with specialist AI job creation. But will AI create more jobs than it replaces?


  1. The British Academy (2018), The impact of artificial intelligence on work 

CTMfile take: Will AI create more jobs than it replaces? That is the question. What do our readers think?

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