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Bank Account Service Codes standardisation and automation - progress

The use of automated bank account statement service codes - in the US the ANSI 822 codes and the TWIST BSB is progressing slowly but surely. The position at end October 2011for the roll out of the 8 digit BSB standards (given in an excellent paper at the Annual AFP Conference in Boston November 2011 by key players in the development of these codes: Paul Burstein - TWIST, Steve Weiland - Open Solutions and Bob Blair - J.P. Morgan) was that 11 banks were live:

  • Danske Bank (11 countries)
  • Barclays Bank (Sterling accounts)
  • Société Génerale (France)
  • Citi (Western Europe, Asia and North America)
  • J.P. Morgan (Global)
  • BNP Paribas (France, UK & Portugal)
  • Major global bank (10 countires in Western Europe)
  • Standard Chartered (11 markets in Asia, Middle East & Africa)
  • HSBC (Canada)
  • BofA Merrill (Europe, Asia, Canada & Latin America)
  • SEB (Nordics)

Also two banks are in process of implementing the BSB and there are several treasury management systems supporting the BSB standards. The number of corporate users of the BSB standards is estimated to be over 40.

The ANSI 822 standards are used in North America by over 100 banks and over 800 corporations.

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