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Bank service fees: Are you paying too much? Get control of your banks & their charges

Hanse Orga is one of the leading providers of specialised financial software solutions in SAP. Their FinanceSuite covers five modules:

  • Cash and Liquidity Management 
  • Autobank Automatic Cash Application
  • Payment Management 
  • Treasury Management 
  • eBank Account Management.

All modules are fully embedded in the SAP standard and can be combined flexibly to meet the individual requirements of the customer. 

The essence of the Hanse Orga approach is that all functions be directly applied and accessed in SAP.

eBAM module

The eBAM module has three functions: Bank Account Administration, Bank Relationship Management and Bank Performance Analysis. The figure below shows the main features covered by each function.

FinanceSuite eBAM

Source & Copyright©2014 - Hanse Orga International

Bank performance analysis

Bank charges are not a high priority in most corporate treasury departments are it has been really difficult to analyse because bank’s charge structures and approaches were so different. Reconciling bank fee messages to expected bank fees seemed to be almost undoable. Fortunately, things are improving with the acceptance of bank reporting standards, but banks have been relatively slow to change their systems to use these new standards.

Hanse Orga eBAM Bank Performance Analysis collects the banks’ reports and charges, and then provides: fee reporting and benchmark analysis, bank fees forecast, bank fees reconciliation and dispute resolution, see figure:

Source & Copyright©2014 - Hanse Orga International

The eBAM module accept bank statement data in the main formats (TWIST BSB 3.1, ANSI X12, camt.086.001.01 [ISO 20022 XML]), and report on the charges by bank(s), currency, company(ies), etc. 

The goal of the bank fees forecast is to calculate how much the bank fees should be given the corporation’s flows. Hanse Orga use the electronic bank rate cards, and the transactions reported on the bank statements, including automatic retrieval of statements from SAP to derive the forecast. 

Hanse Orga have also developed workflows to carryout:

  • automatic analysis and matching of bank service fees with the forecast fees
  • manual reconciliation if desired / required
  • automatic or manual dispute creation if there is a difference between bank service fees and forecasted fees.

The process to resolve discrepancies between agreed and paid fees involves: 1) automatic creation of a letter or transmission to the bank, and 2) any incoming messages including attachments are managed in one central database.

No wonder that Hanse Orga claims that their eBAM module: streamlines business processes, provides a clear view on bank fees, supplies a single centralise and secure archive of e-information and documents, automates the analysis/verification and dispute process: and provides full compliance by tracking user activity plus comprehensive reporting for government and financial regulations.

CTMfile take: This module fits beautifully into the recipe for successful bank account management and eBAM: 1-Develop own BAM database, 2-Use bank’s individual eBAM solution, 3-Eventually use interbank eBAM. Hanse Orga’s eBAM module users can get their bank accounts under control immediately, and then will be ready to automate their bank account fee analysis, reconciliation and relationship as soon as each of their banks adopts the new standards. One day, all eBAM will be like this…….

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