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Be ready for a career change from corporate treasury?

Very few corporate treasury departments are increasing in size and, generally, jobs in corporate treasury and finance are decreasing as more of the basic and even complex functions are automated and CFOs put the squeeze on headcount. 

Digital assistants

We are entering the age of the financial digital assistant, “Hey Gia: Give me an update on total cash received so far this week” (See):

Source & Copyright©2018 - EMAGIA  

 Will this impact jobs? EMAGIA say no, it will re-direct staff to more value add work, but this can only go so far before jobs will be eliminated.

“What is minimum department size?”

In a recent post, we reviewed this question, see, and concluded that: The risk free minimum size of the ultimate structure of the corporate treasury department is:

  • one Corporate Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer  
  • two junior treasury clerks/admin people
  • two IT/API/algo people (internal or external?)
  • and
  • loads of on-going consultancy support.

So what new jobs for corporate treasury department staff?

Our analysis shows that there will be more temporary consultancy posts for projects and to ‘fill in’, to cover the missing resources when needed.

McKinsey recently published a podcast on What can history teach us about technology and jobs in which Richard Cooper, who is the Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics at Harvard University, commented that history teaches us that, “New technology often destroys existing jobs, but it also creates many new possibilities through several different channels.” And that many supplementary industries arise as a result of new technologies. He concludes that, “that total employment has increased over the years in spite of concerns, roughly once a generation, about the loss of jobs created by new technology.”

And the chairman of the podcast - Peter Gumbel, senior editor at the McKinsey Global Institute, summed up, “That at least some, or even many, of the jobs that are created by technology are ones that perhaps you couldn’t even have imagined before the technology existed.”

But what are, where are these unimaginable corporate treasury type skilled jobs that didn’t exist before? What completely new fields could corporate treasury move into?

CTMfile take: Is the future of corporate treasury as bright as the Associations would have us believe, or is this the beginning of the decline of corporate treasury job market globally, or has it yet to peak?

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