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BELLIN to offer THREE FREE months of tm5 access as a helping hand

BELLIN, a global leader in technology for corporate banking and treasury providing services for multinational corporations, banks and the financial sector, is extending a helping hand to companies in need with free access to their treasury management system, tm5 until the end of June.
“Companies, families, the market, and more have been hamstrung by COVID-19. We feel we have a way to help companies get through these tough times and the potentially stressful aftermath by providing tm5 for free. We all need to get through this crisis together and hope this can be of help to companies in need,” said Martin Bellin, CEO and Founder of BELLIN.
BELLIN will be offering the modules that cover cash management, forecasting/liquidity planning and recording and managing financial instruments, which are pivotal topics during the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Users will be able to have full visibility and control of cash and liquidity, thus answering vital questions like:

  • How much cash is available and where?
  • How fast am I able to access the cash and transfer it to where it is needed?
  • What is the forecast for every single location on the cash requirements over the next week and the following weeks?
  • What credit facilities do I have in place and how reliable are they, taking covenants and other factors into consideration?
  • What is the cash value of my assets turned into cash at short notice?
  • How high are cash outflows in connection with short and medium-term borrowings?

tm5 specifically allows users to centralize data and gain company-wide visibility to help steer companies out of this crisis and lay the groundwork for the future.
“While something like this offer has never been done, neither has a pandemic like this affected so many people and companies. Even if we can help just one corporation from letting go of workers, reducing hours, or shutting down, we will be extremely happy,” added Bellin.
The offer
The offer includes access to three core modules (cash management, planning/forecasting, financial instruments) completely for free until June 30, with a special 24h cancellation period until September 30 on a basic configuration included.

CTMfile take: Cash flow is now more critical than ever before. BELLIN’s offer could be just thing to tip the decision as to what to do. Now CFO’s and corporate treasurers can now say “Just do it and see how we go.” Waiting six months to be sure might be too late

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