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betterFX: top to bottom optimised FX management process should be your goal

Matt Richardson, who has 20 years experience of FX with banks - including Deutsche Bank and J.P. Morgan, and with third parties - including Travelex, has just set up the​ betterFX consultancy to help:

  • corporates companies get the very best FX services and FX rates available in the FX market.
  • banks and FIs to offer the best possible FX solutions to their clients
  • individuals get the bestFX rates and service on personal FX transactions.

Essentials of FX management

Matt’s 20 years experience has taught him that it is essential to manage your total costs of cross-currency payments and transactions, it’s not just the FX rate that counts, but the total cost of the transaction: transaction fees, repair costs, time spent on investigations, FX losses on reversals, and management time all needs to be taken into account. As the figure below shows.

Objective: Optimise execution of all FX flows from the largest FX deals to low value FX payments

Source & Copyright©2015 - betterFX

WEBchat discussions on FX management

Over the next couple of months Matt Richardson and Jack Large will be participating in WEBchat discussions on CTMfile on:

  • if corporate treasury departments use algorithmic trading, can they stop employing Multi-Dealer FX Platforms?
  • are many corporate treasurers missing a big trick with their FX flows?
  • is a truly fair mid-point FX price achievable and what would its impact be?
  • efficient use of currency accounts.

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