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Bloomberg launches liquidity capture service for U.S. Equities

Bloomberg provides access to its U.S. equity pool as part of a new service called Bloomberg Pool, or BPool. Developed in conjunction with BIDS Trading, BPool enables traders to interact with liquidity present on Bloomberg's equities trading platforms and BIDS Trading's alternative trading system (ATS), which acts as BPool's order matching engine.

BPool shares the broker-sponsored access model implemented by BIDS Trading, which enables buy-side traders to allocate commission dollars to the broker of their choice and pay for brokerage services, such as research.

As an integrated component of the trading tools available with Bloomberg's order and execution management platforms, BPool gives traders the option to interact with centralized liquidity and configurable orders to help automate and optimise liquidity capture. From order-entry to execution, traders can monitor and control orders sent to BPool.
BIDS Trading's ATS was founded by leading U.S. brokerage firms in 2006 to provide an alternative, dynamic electronic marketplace for U.S. equity block trading. BIDS Trading adopted policies designed to preserve broker relationships and bring counter-parties together to trade large blocks of shares efficiently, confidentially and anonymously.

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