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BofA Merrill‘s transformation of their Information Reporting Service

BofA Merrill's have made a huge investment in the infrastructure and core services in their CashPro On-line Information Reporting service, which now holds a full year of all multi-bank data. CashPro On-line uses leading techniques to download large data files in seconds. It has advanced analytics for data searches, and provides the information in a wide range of different formats. The provision of data in a range of formats – nine currently with several others coming later this year - makes it very easy for corporate users to use the data. The Information Reporting service also normalizes the whole database to ensure that the user experience in the same when using the host-to-host service or the web.

Not surprisingly BofA Merrill corporate users are increasingly relying on the CashPro On-line Information Reporting data to determine and analyse their global cash positions.

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