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Businesses taking lead in climate change response in US and UK

Regardless of the slow progress (or actually killing momentum) their governments are making in stopping or at least slowing the accelerating climate change in the US and the UK, corporates and consumers are combining to push green initiatives. A recent Deloitte study on US initiatives and the Anglia Water green bond in the UK show what is happening.

USA: most consumers and businesses push for cleaner energy 

The Deloitte Resources 2018 Study, on more than 1,500 US residential consumers and 600 US businesses about their attitudes and actions regarding energy management, revealed that businesses and consumers are producing a virtuous circle of sustainability, with each group appearing to drive the other toward cleaner, greener energy and sustainable practices, see infographic below:

Source & Copyright©2018 - Deloitte

Anglia Water green bond success story

Anglian Water has put environmental and water conservation initiatives at the centre of its activities since 2010. The Treasurer explains that, “The utility operates in a water-stressed area – 25% of the region is under sea level and the eastern counties are growing in economic and population terms – so cutting back on extraction and managing demand is both a governance and public interest issue.”

In 2017 they issued a £250 million Green Bond with a coupon of 1.625%. Jane Pilcher, group treasurer, said in The Treasurer, that the key lessons from their experience were:

  1. Be very open in your communication: Spending time with our head of communications has been very helpful. Treasury now has a seat at the table and our profile has been raised.
  2. Persevere: Setting up the fundraising and the reporting around expenditure was very hard work and took time, but was central to the whole process.
  3. Above all: Pay attention to how and what you’re measuring. Actually finding out what investors want and being clear about delivery has been key.

CTMfile take: Slowing and preferably reversing climate change is vital, waiting for governments to do something meaningful is not sensible.

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