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Can you use bank services with FinTech solutions?

Of all the forces currently buffeting corporate treasury, FinTech is one of the most complex, hyped and misunderstood. There is so much confusion, so many buzzwords: digitisation, FinTech, Big Data, Cloud, blockchain. Treasurers can be forgive for thinking that Fintech ​is in its infancy to even bother taking a look at the ever-proliferating companies offering supposedly more efficient services than those of their banks.

But that would be a mistake. These new companies are the solution. And indeed, they are the new partners with whom banks will reinvigorate their IT-based services and keep pace with digitalisation. They are the future of financial services.

FinTech companies have generally been most prolific in payments and foreign exchange – two relatively straightforward, discrete activities where a small technology provider can out manoeuvre banking giants. And because the highest margins are in retail and small-business services, the majority of FinTech start-ups focus on those customers to whom they can provide professional levels of service previously not available to mid-size corporates. But these days Fintech companies are also making serious inroads into the large MNCS not only in payments and FX but in other services like trade finance and supply chain finance.

EuroFinance’s flagship international treasury event in Vienna from 12-14th October 2016 will have a brand new Treasury Lab: Innovation in the Making with sessions to help you understand blockchain technology and its applications in treasury as well as the innovations happening across the payments, trade, FX and supply chain world. 

These practical sessions are directly related to treasury and include an in-depth look at how your banks are partnering with Fintech companies to offer you a whole new set of solutions. The lab will feature:

  • new Fintech companies
  • products that they are offering
  • technology gurus who will be giving you their top Fintech company picks from a treasury perspective.

Treasury Lab will take place in the exhibition hall at the conference. Sessions will be interactive and led by experts from corporate treasury, FinTech providers and banks.

Book now to attend EuroFinance’s flagship international treasury event in Vienna from 12-14th October 2016.

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