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Cash flow forecasting integration and AI are driving future

The global COVID-19 pandemic has meant that cash flow forecasting is now central to corporates very survival. Cash and treasury management suppliers are rushing to incorporate cash flow forecasting into their products and solutions. Two recent releases show what is happening.

Trovata, ICD Launch Integrated Corporate Treasury Workflow

Trovata, an emerging enterprise fintech automating cash reporting and forecasting with its multi-bank API data aggregation platform, and ICD, the independent portal provider of money market funds and other short-term investments, have launched an integrated workflow for corporate cash forecasting and investing.

The integration of Trovata’s cash automation platform and ICD Portal establishes a straight-through process for the free flow of data across platforms. Trovata’s API platform is pre-integrated so it aggregates, normalizes and delivers bank balances and transactions in real-time to automate cash reporting, cash flow analysis, and forecasting, with no implementation.

Corporate procedures

Using the new richer and faster intelligence, treasury enters ICD Portal to invest its excess cash with greater confidence and precision. The ICD Portal, teams access and research over 300 funds, analyze underlying credit and bank exposures, and execute trades across 30 fund families using a single ticket.

The investment data then flows back into Trovata to automatically update forecasts.

Supplier comments

Trovata Founder and CEO Brett Turner:

  • “Speed and automation are becoming a requirement to proactively manage liquidity and risk in today’s environment. Treasurers and CFOs can’t afford to get caught flat-footed these days with how fast things can change, and the pandemic has been a devastating wake-up call for all of us that digital transformation in finance and treasury is paramount.”

ICD CEO Tory Hazard.

  • “The beauty of the workflow between ICD Portal and Trovata’s API platform is that clients don’t have to do anything to gain these efficiencies – it’s turnkey.”

GTreasury AI-powered cash flow forecasting

Yesterday GTreasury announced the release and full availability of SmartPredictions™ which improves cash forecasting accuracy by applying artificial intelligence to short- and long-term treasury data. 

SmartPredictions uses AI to train and test business’ historical liquidity data in order to accurately predict and forecast future transactions by employing two machine learning models:

  • Decision Tree Regressor (gradient boosted framework) builds out regression models in a tree structure – splitting historical data into increasingly smaller samples according to predictor variables such as day/month/year, early-month/end-of-month, and other seasonality indicators.
  • Singular Spectrum Analysis processes data points sequentially to predict what subsequent data will look like based on previous influences.

“We built SmartPredictions to be transparent in how artificial intelligence is being applied to treasurers’ data,” said Roger Comins, Director – Product Management, GTreasury. “Our solution is uniquely clear about which forecast model was chosen as the most accurate fit, why it was chosen, and what the expected error margin is for every forecast. SmartPredictions offers treasurers the industry’s most accurate and least time-intensive cash forecasting solution.”

CTMfile take: These two solutions are driven by the increasing ability of suppliers to use APIs to integrate their solutions and the need to understand what AI model is being used and why.   

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