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Cash flow forecasting - the DiscoverEdge approach

DiscoverEdge, the developers of 'Working Capital Manager', also provide a unique solution to cash flow forecasting: Cash Forecaster. They claim that it, replaces the time consuming, difficult to maintain and error prone cash forecasting process with an easy to set up and use solution that also make it simple to build what-if scenarios. Cash Forecaster is available as a web-based or client-based solution with a single sign-on and push reporting via e-mail.

Cash Forecaster set up and data collection

When setting up Cash Forecaster users have to choose what parameters will be incorporated and where the data source:

Source & Copyright©2014 - DiscoverEdge 

And then choose the known cash ins and outs, and the various projects involved in the cash flows.

Cash Forecaster dashboards and simulation

Cash Forecaster operates mainly through a series of dashboards, e.g. multi-company cash forecasts:

Source & Copyright©2014 - DiscoverEdge 

Users can drill down and look at "what is driving my cash forecast":

Source & Copyright©2014 - DiscoverEdge 

And simulate new cash flow scenarios based on past customer payment behaviour:

Source & Copyright©2014 - DiscoverEdge 

Cash Forecaster can link to dashboards showing cash transfer options, long term loan requirements, etc.

Implementation and license

DiscoverEdge claim that a Cash Forecaster prototype built using the client's data can be installed and linked to most of the major ERPs (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, BaaN, and Unit 4) in less than two days. The client is then given four days live running before the Cash Forecaster license kicks in.

Cash Forecaster is used by several large MNCs in Europe.

CTMfile take: Easy to use cash flow forecasting simulations are becoming essential in helping corporate treasury departments forecast their cash flows more accurately. This is a key differentiator between cash flow forecasting solutions.

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