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Cashforce expansion continues as prepare for NextGen

Fintechs around the world are all searching for new locations to build innovative exciting new products and functionality to develop and expand their products and services. A typical example is Cashforce who is building a whole new concept.

The new concept

Cashforce is focusing on lowering the barrier for entry to the cash flow forecasting. New facilities in their new product will include far easier ERP data integration, Excel-like user experience & easy workflows to assist companies to improve their cash forecasting process, tailored to their stage of maturity, so companies can make better financial and liquidity decisions faster and cheaper.

Not only this, new Cashforce connectivity capabilities are being developed which will enable users to tap into new financial solutions and facilities. AND, critically, users will be able to simulate the impact of any new product before deciding to implement it.

Also, Cashforce is making their solution quicker, simpler, and cheaper by making it available: locally or on the cloud; in any language and currency; and across any number of platforms.

New office for team expansion

To enable Cashforce to continue to push the frontiers of Cash Forecasting & Working Capital with the new product and develop the necessary platforms and technology, they are opening a new office in Warsaw, Poland. This new office will further accelerate Cashforce’s growth and market presence on a global scale with the addition of a new technical team. 

This expansion is opening up new job opportunities. Various product-focused positions are becoming available, ranging from Chief Architect and team leaders to analysts and front-end/back-end engineers.

When CTMfile asked Nicolas Christiaen, Cashforce’s CEO why Warsaw/Poland, he explained: “Poland is quickly developing into a strong tech hub in Eastern Europe. The combination of the great talent hub of driven and tech-savvy people and the growing startup scene creates appealing momentum. In sum, an excellent environment to open our product-focused branch.“

CTMfile take: Tapping into the Warsaw talent hub will be vital in accelerating Cashforce’s drive to push the frontiers of Cash Forecasting & Working Capital Management.

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