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Cashforce Quick Wins to get control of your liquidity NOW

Many corporates are experiencing an unprecedented situation as “The world economy is now collapsing”. * This impact on liquidity threatens their very survival.   Corporate treasury and cash management systems and service suppliers are coming up with new offers to help their clients whose first focus is to improve their liquidity management.

Cashforce is now offering three ‘Quick Wins’ packages which address today’s liquidity problems head-on with all offering:

  • Developing a functional solution in 30 days or less so clients can automate and visualize their positions
  • Discounted pricing for three months with an opt-out option at the end of the period.

The three offers are described below, all showing how little IT capacity is required.

Collections report and cash flow driver analysis

Cash flow forecast analysis

Working capital driver analysis

Overall benefits

The benefits of these three offers are that they enable users to:

  • Automate their consolidation of the data to fully understand their position
  • Visualise their positions and see what is required
  • Reduce their working capital levels significantly.


*Martin Wolf, “The world economy is now collapsing” Financial Times 14 April 20202


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