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CBDCs vs Cryptocurrencies – what does it mean for Treasurers?

Key timing points
0:43 The types of cash/money
2:00 Central banks pave the way for a new payment era
4:50 CBDC v. cryptocurrencies
7:30 Consumers adoption crypto rates/country
9:00 Millenials: crypto currency adoption rates
9:51 Treasurers’/CFOs’ attitudes to cryptocurrencie
11:23 Conclusions on cryptos and CBDCs usage
14:46 What treasurers need to think through
17:59 Final comments

CTMfile take: Both CDBDCs and cryptocurrencies are coming sooner rather than later. Treasurers need to work out how they are going to take advantage of/survive the new opportunities they represent.

The WEBchat covers:

  1. The types of cash/money
  2. How central banks are paving the way for a new payments era
  3. Comparison of CBCDCs & cryptocurrencies
  4. Cryptocurrency adoption rates
  5. Conclusions
  6. The opportunities and challenges treasurers need to think through

(Note – all information shared by Deutsche Bank is based on public information and does not constitute trading advice – please visit for further information and disclaimers.)

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