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Chatham Financial unveils financial risk management technology: cloud-based application, ChathamDire

Chatham Financial, an independent financial risk management advisory and technology solutions firm, today unveiled ChathamDirect for FX risk management. This cloud-based portfolio of applications gives corporations the ability to manage foreign-currency exchange risk from strategy through reporting.

  • ChathamDirect is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application providing straight-through processing of financial risk management activities with a suite of modules, including:
  • Exposure Management - Administration and management of cash flow and balance sheet exposures across entities, with powerful analytics capabilities for " what-if " and optimized hedging scenario planning
  • Trade Execution - Integration with trade execution systems and platforms streamlining execution of trades
  • Valuations - Leverages Chatham Financial's sophisticated credit valuation adjustments (CVAs) to ensure independent values reflecting the market in real-time
  • Hedge Accounting - Workflow tools facilitate compliance with ASC 815 (FAS 133) by completing tasks such as hedge accounting relationships, hedge designation documentation, journal entries and effectiveness testing.

Chatham clients use their technology to perform more than $1 billion worth of transactions daily.

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