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Citi adds Intercompany Lending Module to TreasuryVision® Global Liquidity Portal

Citi today announced the release of its TreasuryVision® Global Liquidity Portal's Intercompany Lending Module version 2.0. New functionality enables clients to manage the inter company lending process and simplify the tracking and reporting of financial flows between legal entities. It also helps clients control exposures, anticipate interest and tax liabilities and manage workflow and associated documentation – all while aiding compliance with linked internal policies. The new tool enables clients to design a flexible programme that leverages people, processes and technology and incorporates best practices and market expertise.

The Intercompany Lending Module is fully integrated within the TreasuryVision® Global Liquidity Portal, merging legal entity hierarchies and providing a greater level of self-service and automation. This module has been expanded to include brand new loan types, including floating rate, revolver, promissory note and discount loans. Also, new benchmark rate entry functionality has been added in order to support processing and reporting of loans with variable interest rates.

Citi believe they are the first bank to offer the ability to record and track term inter company positions within its electronic banking platform or liquidity portal.

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